This is the crystal cave of giants found in the Naica Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico. These are Selenite crystals (gypsum) and are the largest crystals ever discovered...
Selinite is one of the best stones to open up the upper chakras and the trans-personal chakras. The energy can then be assimilated into the body through grounding stones like hematite and black tourmaline.
It can also be used for aligning the spine, emotional relase, and thought transmission.
Check out some of the new stones from  the Tucson Gem Show
One of the most popular stones I have. Ananda means divine bliss and the stone, which is a variety of quartz,  flashes a multitude of rainbow colors. This stone comes from only one mine in central India. I was able to buy directly from the owner of the mine, which helps keep the prices much more reasonable. Anandalite will open the third eye and crown chakras, and fill the body will pulsating vibratory energies. The stone will definitely live up to its name of divine bliss.
Tibetan Quartz
One of the best stones for spiritual protection and purification. Also works great for meditation and cleansing any negative energies that may be present in a room.  These are very high quality quartz with great clarity, much nicer than than the opaque variety with lots of black inclusions. I also have quite a few that are phantoms.
Selenite Meditation Seats from the Crystalline Phoenix Quarry
 in New Mexico. Call for information and prices.
Sculptural pieces and
wands also available.
Table Tops
More available upon request
Columbian Lemurian
Lightning Ridge Black opals Pendants